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Past Events

Some "R&R" with Ricky Hurtado and Renée Price

Sept. 18th; special thanks to Cathy Chapman and Ron Torain for hosting this joint fundraiser! And a thanks to Graig Meyer, and all the other elected officials who came out to support.

Sept. 8th Fundraiser for Renée Price

Special thanks to Hillsborough Town Commissioner Mark Bell and his wife Virginia Bell for generously hosting this event!

Let's Celebrate Autumn with Renée Price

Oct. 9th; special thanks to LaTarndra Strong and Vivian Herndon-Latta for hosting this incredible fundraiser! And a thanks to Congressman David Price for all his service to our state, and for coming out to support Renée.

Renée Price with local musician Regina Gale

Oct. 29th; special thanks to Lynne and Grace Holtkamp for hosting this fundraiser, and to Regina Gale for her wonderful music!