Renée's Priorities


A Sound Basic Education from Pre-K to Community College

Education has the potential to break down barriers between people of different cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds, and to build bridges of cross-cultural understanding. 

I believe our state legislature has a responsibility to help fulfill the promise of a sound, basic education by investing in our students, school facilities, early childhood education, public school teachers and staff, and community colleges.


Infrastructure for a Post-Pandemic Economy

People across Orange and Caswell Counties want and need access to career-oriented jobs, opportunities for entrepreneurship, and inclusion in the economic wealth of this state and nation.

As a member of the NC House, I will work to break down barriers and open doors to universal broadband, affordable housing, and multimodal transportation.


Criminal Justice Reform

The criminal justice system throughout North Carolina, and the United States, is in dire need of reform. Many of our laws, policies and procedures are founded on racial discrimination, gender prejudice, Jim Crow sentiments, and punishment for poverty.

As your District 50 Representative, I will communicate and collaborate with colleagues and community members to help us understand and address our personal biases. We must assure justice in our criminal justice system.


Climate Action and Environmental Justice

Climate change is real and while it is inevitable, we can work to reduce our impact on our natural environment and to mitigate the adverse effects of global warming.

We must be prepared to address the ethical, legal and political issues related to climate change, and as your representative in the NC House I will be prepared to do so in a way that respects all people and preserves the earth for future generations.

Voting Rights

The Right to Vote and the Right to Representation

Our foremothers and forefathers fought, bled, and died in the valiant effort to claim the right to vote for themselves and for us. In no way can we let their efforts be in vain.

As the District 50 Representative in the NC House, I will rise up, speak out, and, as the late John Lewis said, “get in good trouble” to protect and assure our right to vote and our right for representation.

Let’s make sure that every vote is counted.

Healthcare and Human Services

Healthcare and Human Services for All

In our modern world, healthcare and human services should be a basic human right.

When elected to the NC House, I will focus on coordinating with our county and municipal governments to prevent evictions, assist elderly households in need, and end homelessness. My aim is to assure that our women, men and children in Caswell and Orange Counties have the fundamental health and human services they need to thrive and be well.