Climate Action and Environmental Justice

Climate change is real, and while it is inevitable, we can work to reduce our impact on our natural resources. Individually and collectively, we can take the steps and promote the actions that will mitigate the adverse effects of global warming.

As humans, we are part of the environment, and we have a responsibility to steward the water, air, land, minerals, plants, and living creatures on this planet. The ecosystems that surround us support our existence.

Our policies and actions, whether big or small, affect the health and well-being of communities downstream from us, as well as across the ocean. We must be aware of the impacts of climate change particularly on low-wealth communities and also be prepared to assist refugees from climate disasters.

Also of great concern to me is environmental justice. For generations, communities of color have suffered the brunt of urban and rural growth and development.
At the start of my tenure as commissioner, I worked with members of the Rogers Road neighborhood, an historically African American area, regarding the county landfill. The landfill in their midst had created unhealthy living conditions. I voted to close the landfill and to invest government funds for remedial actions and reparations.
My professional career has focused on urban and rural planning, land use, natural resource conservation, and sustainable agriculture and forestry. As a member of the NC House, I will be a strong advocate for legislation and funding that incentivize and support climate change mitigation and environmental justice.