Criminal Justice Reform

The criminal justice system throughout North Carolina and the United States is in dire need of reform. Many of our laws, policies and procedures are founded on racial discrimination, gender prejudice, and punishment for poverty.

Governor Cooper appointed the Task Force for Racial Equity and Criminal Justice (TREC) to focus on addressing existing policies and procedures that disproportionately affect communities of color, and to develop solutions to ensure racial equity in our criminal justice system. The TREC report includes 125 recommendations for corrective action which need to be analyzed, evaluated and, if appropriate, implemented.

In my role as Orange County Commissioner, I am engaged in efforts to improve policies and processes, as well as attitudes and behaviors, toward individuals are pre-arrest, justice-involved or navigating re-entry. I also participate in state and national levels policy steering committees that are targeting:

Men and women of color and people of low wealth are disproportionately suspected, arrested, charged, and incarcerated. Innocent BIPOC children, teenagers and adults are being shot and killed.
As your District 50 Representative, I will communicate and collaborate with stakeholders and community members to help us understand and address our personal biases.  We must assure justice in our criminal justice system.