Infrastructure for a Post-Pandemic Economy

To “build back better,” we must direct funds toward constructing a robust infrastructure for 21st century economic development. Our post-pandemic world will be different and now is the time to think about resilience, innovation and a new normal.

In recent years, broadband and internet access have become priority issues across rural and urban America. The COVID19 pandemic has accentuated the need to expand our digital highway to all households and businesses. Broadband is now essential for schoolwork, employment, commerce, tele-health, and access to social services.

Industries—whether farming, manufacturing, or clean energy—require reliable transportation networks to move products and parts. For movement of people to and from home, school and work, governments will need to invest in multi-modal by-ways, bus rapid transit, commuter rail, van services in rural areas, last-mile transport and the like is needed.

We also must assure housing for families of all income brackets, particularly for our workforce. Safe, decent and affordable housing for all is a major component of a vibrant community.

As a County Commissioner, I continuously advocate for universal broadband, affordable housing, and multimodal transportation. When elected to the NC House, I will seek to open doors so that the people of Orange and Caswell Counties have access to career-oriented jobs, opportunities for rural economic development, and inclusion in the economic wealth of this state.